Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Inspiring Animation for International Animation Day

ASIFA International is celebrating International Animation Day! We wanted to celebrate by picking some of our favorite animation clips – work that inspires them and makes them excited about animation. Here's picks from our animators!

From Beavan Blocker: I love this relatively simple and effective form of animation, and while the video isn't entirely animated by the creator of this video (there are video game clips etc) the animation is used to inject a great sense of humor and support his examination of the game in question, long story short, it's really funny and entertaining, and at the end of the day isn't that what this is all about?

From Kevin Koch: The Sinking of the Lusitania (Winsor McCay, 1918) Windsor may not have invented animation, but there is no one more responsible for what we came to know as character animation. What he doesn't get as much credit for is essentially inventing effects animation, as seen in this film. It would take decades before Disney and other studios matched the prodigious work that McCay almost single-handedly accomplished.

From Kevin Koch: Begone, Dull Care (Norman McLaren and Evelyn Lambart, 1949) One of the most amazing fusions of sound and image ever produced. The film was created by scratching and painting directly on 35-mm film stock to visually represent/complement jazz from the Oscar Perterson trio. Best viewed without distraction in a darkened theater on a large screen, this Youtube video doesn't begin to do it justice.

From John Durbin: When I first saw Pocoyo I was ultimately mesmerized. It's deceivingly simple. I thought, why not try something like this. Then I realized it's genius, was more than meets the eye. Every pose and every action read so clearly. At first glance you may think Pocoyo is simply on 2's giving it this snappy appeal. Some of that may be true, yet after tabbing through countless episodes I started to realize what seems like "pocoyo animation rules," are deviated from all the time, creating another layer of decision. The spacing and timing are heavily accented by the overlap and follow through of small things contrast to long holds. It's amazing how much mileage is covered by insinuating arcs and anticipation, with no motion blur and rarely a smeared frame. Once you are completely hypnotized by all the snappy pops and holds, suddenly a character may break out in fluid dancing, contrary to all that's been established. I love this show, and if I ever need to get a boost of inspiration to plow through the next project, all I need to do is watch a bit of Pocoyo.

From Jason Behr: Appeal, style, texture, timing and FUN... That is Chuck Jones and Looney Tunes cartoons. They are what I love about animation.

Spooky Sketch Tuesday 10.28.2014 - Happy Halloween

Andrew Stovesand, Animator

William Joyce

William Joyce

William Joyce

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sketch Tuesday 10.21.2014

Limbert Fabian, Creative Director

Pumpkin or Tomato? Stephen Vekovius, IT

Wendell Riley, Production Manager

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Numberlys Screenings at the MoMA and Book Signings this weekend in NYC

Hey New York City! Give William Joyce an epic high five this weekend at one of these special events:

Friday, October 17 at 10am – Barnes and Noble Upper East Side (86th & Lexington Ave) will host a presentation from Joyce and Q&A with local school groups. This event is also open to the public. For more information, visit the B&N event listing.

Saturday, October 18 at 12pm – The Museum of Modern Art will screen The Numberlys, the latest short film by Moonbot Studios . Following the screening and a Q&A, Joyce will sign copies of The Numberlys picture book and A Bean A Stalk and a Boy Named Jack. The Numberlys short film has won several festival awards including a Kids Audience Award at the Toronto International Film Fest Kids and Best Animated Short at the Cleveland International Film Festival where it qualified for Academy Award consideration. For more information on tickets or about the Family Programs at the MoMA, see the event listing on their website.

Sunday, October 19th from 12-2 pm – Books of Wonder (18 West 18th St.) will host a spectacular book signing for William Joyce's latest book, A Bean, A Stalk and A Boy Named Jack. The signing will be proceeded by a short presentation by Joyce. For more information, visit http://www.booksofwonder.com.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sketch Tuesday 10.14.2014

Adam Volker - Creative Director - Moonbot Interactive

Andrew Stovesand, Animator

Kenny Callicutt, Artist

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sketch Tuesday 9.30.2014 - Fireflies Edition!

Summer's over, but the fun doesn't have to end! Discover and catch fireflies in our latest app, Fireflies. It's the first app in our new collection, Moonbeeps. Moonbeeps are our new apps for kids of all ages. Each is designed to create fun, imaginative play in and out of your mobile device.

In our first release, Fireflies, you'll discover luminous fireflies buzzing about the forest. Collect them with a tap of your finger and fill up your jar. You might even catch the rarest of all the forest’s creatures: the brilliant Luna Moth.



To celebrate, here's sketches from the team!

Andrew Stovesand, Animator

Ellen Su, Lighter/Compositor

Brandon Oldenburg, Partner

Limbert Fabian, Creative Director

Adam Volker, Creative Director - Moonbot Interactive

Adam Volker, Creative Director - Moonbot Interactive

Adam Volker, Creative Director - Moonbot Interactive

Adam Volker, Creative Director - Moonbot Interactive